Just What The Doctor Ordered

A couple of months back one weekend when my daughters were screaming nonstop over lunch and hubby was distracted with his electronic devices – I threw my arms up in the air, my dish cloth down on the table and proclaimed in my ‘scary’ (she means business) voice “Mummy is not playing this game anymore!” and then calmly walked off, while they all sat there with their mouths open ready to catch some flies.
How good did that feel!
Well since you asked, great for about three minutes and then I fell into a heap rocking in the corner crying over and over again “Mummy is not playing this game anymore, Mummy is not playing this game anymore”.  I was having “one of those days” the one where I felt like ‘home help’; under-appreciated and unloved.  Something a wife and mum never wants to feel. 
Crouched in a ball, I looked up from my damp knees and noticed my hubby standing there waving his white handkerchief back and forth. Instantly we began to laugh; a gutsy move from my hubby if you ask me. Slowly the love and appreciation I was so desperately missing thirty minutes ago was pouring in from my family in the form of one big group hug.  Hubby reached over and whispered in my ear, I think you need some “R and R”.
Pause for a minute……..Now imagine the Road Runner on speed…
….that was me running to the phone and dialing my girlfriend’s number.  Oh Lord, thank you! She picked up in seconds, and in minutes we were planning our girl’s weekend away. Ya hooooooo!  And here we are, this weekend the girls and I are heading off to explore the countryside located in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario Canada.  Spa country and we can’t wait! 
A weekend away with a bunch of girlie friends, numerous bottles of vino, dark chocolate, cheese & crackers, did I mention vino and good conversation is better than any prescription the Doc could write. Actually what I get excited about mostly is the opportunity to have a conversation without being interrupted by anyone under 4ft and a personal favourite, not  visiting a washroom unless I need to pee. 
So in three more sleeps I will be arriving at my ‘slope side’ condo (that’s Canadian for hotel room on the side of a mountain) and placing my well proportioned backside on a comfy couch talking about everything and nothing all at the same time, while balancing a glass of red in one hand and juggling the cheese & crackers in the other.  Wish me luck!
To my dear friend in Oz “HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY” Steph !


  1. Danielle De Nadai · October 19, 2011

    Have a fantastic time!!!! Have some vino and dark chocolate (ohh, and the cheese & crackers) for me. I’ll think about you for sure. Savour every minute of it, no every second. You truly deserve it.
    Dani 🙂


    • SorrentoMoon · October 19, 2011

      Many thanks Dani – I look at it as training for Christmas time ‘Down Under’. Cheers, SorrentoMoon


  2. How lucky you are to have such a prince for a husband! (Fortunately I have one too ;).

    About your reaction to your kids’ squabbling: The way to get people’s attention is to do the unexpected, as you did. If you always reacted that way, nobody would have noticed. So now you have a weapon 😉 but use it sparingly!


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