Smile In The Face of Adversity (part II)

All of a sudden that argument we had back in Australia carries little to no weight when your world has been turned on its head like that. What could I do, scream down the phone, tell him it will be Ok, get a friend to come sit with the girls while I fly to Calgary?  Oh hang on, wait a minute, we don’t know a single bloody soul over here and somehow I need to get across Canada immediately so I can hold my husband’s hand and tell him I love him, because he needs to know that together we will battle what lies ahead.  We speak a few calming words to each other, I remember having a conversation with a Doctor, but I am not entirely sure what that was about.  I think I was attempting to see if they would fly hubby home to Toronto. 
With a twelve hour window before he is operated on I need to pull my head in and handle this with a full spirit and strong faith that my lord will walk alongside me in my time of need.  We hang up the phone and in all the chaos I forget to get the number and name of the hospital, oh lord this is too much to comprehend and my girls are going to be awake in five hours what am I going to tell them.  Before the morning sun rises, I have been in touch with hubby’s business colleagues back in Australia and faster than you can say “God Bless modern technology” the girls and I were booked on a flight to Calgary.  We would soon be off to be with our daddy.
Before I could leave for Calgary I was reminded that we were scheduled to vacate our temporary accommodation and relocate to a more family friendly arrangement.  So with 15 pieces of luggage, additional belongings we had acquired and only seven hours before our flight we got busy moving.  Looking back, I know I must have been in a trance working in ‘go mode’ and doing the essentials in order to maintain a calm presence for my children.  Hubby’s work colleagues who he had met only briefly rallied around to support me and the kids unconditionally.  To this day I don’t think I can thank them enough for sharing my load and shuffling me from old apartment to new accommodation then repacking the suitcases for -30 degrees temperatures and feeding my children.
Standing at the security gate I had to say goodbye to these people that were my only source of friendship.  They were not allowed to come any further without a ticket and there was definitely no turning back for us. I needed to move this circus full steam ahead and get to the other side pronto.  I hadn’t been in contact with my husband in over 10 hours but I knew he was being well looked after so my task at hand was to board this plane then sit idle for four long hours only to disembark in yet another strange city and wait for another stranger to claim myself and the girls from the airport in order to get us closer to our daddy.
Surprisingly the whole time this was transpiring I felt a sense of ‘everything is going to be Okay’.  I never once felt like I cannot do this; it was working I had a full spirit and my lord was holding my hand in my time of need.

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