Mixbook Review

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I am not a big online shopper, so when I am preparing to spend my money, I do extensive research on a product before I make up my mind.  Here was no exception.  I sourced out many reviews for Mixbook and its competitors and from what I was reading many of the Top 3 companies offered very similar products.  So why did I chose Mixbook?   I like the fact that I didn’t have to download any software.  Ok, so it is a little time consuming to upload my photo’s but I tend to have many pages in my books.  The product is so user friendly, very much a drop and click style interface.  They give you many varied options for how personal or generic you wish to make your finished product.

While I can only speak from experience in creating 8.5 x 8.5 hardcover photo books, I have seen many happy clients posting their cheers on facebook.  My whole experience from start to finish was seamless.  I live in Canada and postage to date has been no trouble (even when Canada Post was on strike) The product and services that Mixbook offer is not without minor short comings, but for me the products I have to hold in my hand and arrange on my coffee table for years to come (so far) make me feel confident to recommend this product & service to anyone considering having Mixbook handle their precious memories and turn them into a work of art.

We were not paid for this review……..(dam shame that, ay! Always next time)

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