Becoming an expat wife

I pen this after close to 12 ½ hours attending to the needs of everyone elses except mine.  With mixed emotions and a spirit running on adrenalin only, I wonder how I got to this place where time was my own. 
The journey began at 4am Friday the 13th of November, the morning when he and I both woke to the roar of worry running through our minds.  The constant drone of our thoughts reminding us that we have to depart the hotel room in 5 hours was deafening.  “Can’t sleep – me either, too busy wondering if I have packed enough nappies for the 21 hour plane flight, oh and have I got the correct jackets for when we arrive in Canada, not to mention if the US customs allows powdered baby formula in hand luggage, oh and did I mention whether it would be  alright for the girls to wear thongs on the plane and change into their boots in LA? How about you? “Me, he said, well I was just questioning if I have made the best decision for this family, accepting the new position in Toronto is a big ask for our young family”   Our minds are busily addressing issues both equally as important as each others, yet ignoring the task at hand; our desperate need to SLEEP.  For the journey from Melbourne Australia to Toronto Canada with four under 8years old was not a feat to be taken lightly.  How lucky are we, a strong family unit embarking on a change of address that involves more than just a new post code but a new way of life – and let’s not forget they drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road over there.
It’s funny how life just happens, this job opportunity came about for our family with only 8 weeks’ notice.  I still remember the day we told the kids at the dinner table as if it was yesterday.  “Hey kids, guess what mummy and daddy have got something really exciting to tell you.” Eldest daughter screams “arr you’re going to have another baby!” Given that our baby#4 was only 7 months old I found that a frightful predicament to be in. “No no my love, no more babies for us – we are going to live in Canada for a few years, isn’t that fantastic” as no response from the girls was forthcoming I prodded child #3 sitting there with her head down.  “Hey darl, what do you think, are you excited about Canada? This chicken is really good mum; do they have chicken in Canada?” Well at least I know now I make a mean schnitzel burger.  Clearly our children were a little too young to fully comprehend the life changes this family was about to embark on, but for us the ‘parents’ the ‘grown-ups’ the ‘care-givers’ the ‘leaders of the nest’, this decision felt so right and we were ready to take hold and run with it.
And run with it we did, we had manage to flip our world upside down in the space of 8 full weeks and all we had to show for it was 15 pieces of luggage. With no home in Australia to call ours and no fixed address in Canada, this large over-sized bird travelling through the skies at great speeds was our home for the next 10 hours.  So before I can attempt to get any sleep, I will cautiously walk around and check on my children, individually kissing them on their small warm faces and ever wondering what they must be thinking.  One thing’s for sure, when this bird lands I will officially become an expat wife.
Wish me good luck!

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