5 second rule – ladies we must unite

Ever found yourself in a situation where a simple catch-up with friends over coffee & cake has turned into a split second choice gone wrong?  Well I am here to help you turn that corner and feel comfortable with your decision, whichever way you choose to go.
It’s all about the spinach in the teeth dilemma.  To tell or not to tell, that is the question here.  For you it might have been the lipstick, the toilet paper on the shoe, the popped button on the shirt or with today’s fashion, it  could even have been the ’nipple slip’.
I found myself in a quandary as to tell or not this one particular day, because at the time it occurred my girlfriend was in the middle of a tense conversation that required my full attention.  I needed to show her I was completely engaged in what she was saying and then, there it was, this huge piece of spinach just staring at me.  I calmed myself down, it’s all good, I will let her finish and then speak up.  Oh for goodness sake would you stop talking this thing is beginning to grow eyes and stare back at me.  I’m not even listening to a word you are saying, how can I when I have my own internal dialogue going on.  Okay great she’s finished. Why is she looking at me so strangely? Oh no, do I have spinach in my teeth – hang on I didn’t eat spinach, Oh maybe it’s a poppy seed.  Now my tongue is behaving like a fly on speed running around my mouth.  Stop you idiot, she would have told me if I had anything in my teeth.  Why, why would she, I didn’t tell her, Oh gosh she is still looking at me oddly; she pauses for a minute and then continues on speaking.  Okay I’m safe, I don’t have anything in my teeth I’m good, but it’s not about me it’s about her.
Then along comes another girlfriend to join our conversation, Oh this will be great I’m saved, surely Kate will say something. I wait, there it is, there can’t you see it! You can’t miss the bloody thing it’s huge! but nope Kate doesn’t say anything, she looks at me instead, so now her and I have this ‘thing’  going on eyeballing each other, all the while our friend is spilling out her emotions.  The afternoon continues I hardly retain any of our conversation, I’m beginning to plan my exit strategy where I can throw in a ‘by the way’, but nothing, I get cold feet and leave feeling extremely disappointed that I have let my friend down. 
It wasn’t until later that same evening I was able to relax and have a giggle over the whole thing, when my girlfriend kindly left me a voice message.  Thanks for the heads up today, NOT! I can’t believe you didn’t say anything, but at least it explains why you & Kate looked a little weird and distracted.  She continued on saying “haven’t you heard of the 5 second rule?” If you haven’t said anything within the first 5 seconds of seeing the incident, then let it go, don’t worry about it you missed your window, move on.  She goes on further to say, that if you live by that rule you tend to get in there straight up without delay and never again will you let a piece of spinach dominate your head-space.  Go on girls spread the word, make spinach your friend within 5 seconds.

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