Happy Days

I was digitally scrapping a birthday card for a friend recently, when I found myself diverted from the task at hand and giggling into my laptop.  Here I was sitting at my computer like a little school girl flicking through her yearbook. Images of Neil Diamond, ABBA, a local duo Dean & Carruthers, hangout spots like The Tunnel Nightclub and Bobby McGee’s Melbourne circa 1990, all there together on my screen. 

Bobby McGees Melbourne

I was so overwhelmed with how quickly the feelings of innocence and fun rushed through my veins that I actually began to sense the smell of a grungy nightclub and that feeling of squelch squelch under foot from all the fallen drinks.  The more I allowed myself to think about it the stronger my senses worked. 

Now I am looking over pictures from our road trip across the US, and I can hear the deep and meaningful conversations we had, playing over and over in my head.  I have goose bumps running over my skin; the smile on my face is beginning to hurt from how happy I was.  Isn’t it just the best feeling when something as simple as a photo or a song or even the presence of a familiar scent can transport us back to a happy moment in time!

A few years back I was admiring some paintings displayed in a quaint little gallery on the outskirts of Melbourne, when I found myself gravitating to all the artwork with beach settings.  Not knowing nearly enough about art and the art world, but realising over the many years of wandering in and out of galleries, I always sourced out art work depicting the beach & sand and children playing. This observation finally led me to politely question the gallery owner to why she thought I did that and if people before me have mentioned this to her.  Quite confidently and matter of fact, she replied  – art, paintings, photo’s and alike have the ability to stimulate good or bad memories within us and often you will find yourself being drawn towards the good memories in our lives.  Well now it all makes sense to me.  My childhood memories are all about the Sun, Sand & Surf.  Thank you Miss Lady, Thank You.

Allow me to indulge you for a minute……

Its summer time in Melbourne Australia, finally sitting in the driver’s seat of my 1978 Toyota Corolla, Boys of Summer Don Henley is playing on 3XY radio station.

Google Images

It’s a humid and hot Friday night and we are travelling down the Nepean Highway, headed towards the Mornington Peninsula – It is hitting dust, the gang and I are looking for a fish and chips shop in Mordialloc, it’s all too crowded – places to be, people to see, so we keep on driving. 

Continental Hotel, Sorrento

Hit the Conti in Sorrento around 10pm, check out the talent for the night, decide to take our coolers with us and head down to the beach until either we run out of drinks or the sun starts to rise. Love it, what great memories.

 What about this one? 

Location still the same just a decade earlier.  Stinking hot summer day, Mum & Dad have loaded the car up and we are off.  Travelling about 10 minutes down the road from the Rye Caravan Park to the cousins’ place in Sorrento.  Unload the car give everyone a big Christmas squeeze, swap stories about what chrissie presents we got and then bust our parents chops to hurry up so we can swim at the ‘front’ beach. 

Not actually us – Google Images

Finally the Dad’s have loaded up the paddle board, there’s the cordial bottle, beach towels by the masses, umbrella, couple of boxes of savoury shapes and don’t forget the plaid plastic woven fold out beach chairs. Even though the house was 5 minutes walking distance, it takes us about 15minutes, cos everyone has to have their turn carrying the board and let’s not forget our annoying older siblings who thought it was hilarious to see who could make everything fall off the paddle board. No thongs on our feet, no sun cream on our bodies and no hats on our head.

Not us again – Google Images

We finally arrive, need to source out where the Mum’s are (they went ahead in the car) Dad sticks the umbrella in the sand “no worries she’ll be right, off you kids go and have some fun.”  Three hours later we come out of the water lie on the towels and finish off the last box of shapes.  It’s not until later that night when mum attempts to shower us that we realise just how sunburnt we got.


And just like Dad says, “no worries she’ll be right, can we do this again tomorrow!?”

Happy Days!

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